Custom Finishes for Any Surface

10 effects—a million colours

Sportscar finished in Speed Orange

The Ultimate in Custom Car Paint Finishes

The Outrageous custom finishes range of paint allows you to achieve any custom finish you want on any substrate. The only factor that could hold you back is your imagination!…

Consisting of 10 effects and over a million different colour options, the philosophy behind the range is the ability to mix and match. This allows you to trial and experiment, combining different ground coats, effects and flakes in an attempt to achieve the ultimate, ‘stand out from the crowd’ custom finish.

So, whatever you are looking for—a candy finish, a radical colour shift, a fluorescent, a flip paint, a colour dye or a special effect like marble, black chrome or holographic flakes—the Outrageous range of specialist paints and coatings can provide you with a complete solution to all your colour dreams.



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